CQWW CW 2014. EU Winner

I am very glad to inform that my entry in the CW part of the CQ WW DX Contest 2014 is the EU winning one. I operated as SO4M in the Single Operator Assisted 20 Meters High Power. The final score after the verification is 1.104.740 points(2.756 QSOs, 39 Zones, 151 DXCC). The operating time was 41.2 hours. The score was placed on the 4th place in the World.It is also the best All Time score in Poland in the SA 20M HP.

I am also very glad to see the results of the Log Checking Report received from the Contest Committee. While the median score reduction for all logs is 8.27% and the Median Error Rate for all logs is 2.56% the Score Reducion for my log is 2.6% and the Error Rate for my log is 0.6%.

I must say that evey time before a serious contest participation I practise two or three times a day uisng the Morse Runner. Every Morse Runner session is between 15 and 60 minutes. In general I know CW but it s always worth doing to get used to contest operating, QRM, QSB etc. I find Morse Runner very useful and valuable for my contest operating skills.

I would like to say THANK YOU to Mirek SP4MPG who is the host of the station of SO4M. It is my great pleasure to co-operate with him and to be a member of the SO4M/SP4POB Team.


It was the next contest from the QTH of Mirek SP4MPG. It’s a great pleasure for me to co-operate with this great HAM, contester and constructor and in the same time very friendly man. I am using the station and from my side I try to prepare to the contest, carefully observe propagation a few days before the contest and use Morse Runner to prepare to the contest pile-ups. There are still room for improvements but I am very glad of the final claimed score. It was Single Operator Assisted 20 Meters High Power:

    Band     QSOs     Pts  WPX
       14    2396    5238 1105
    Total    2396    5238 1105

      Score: 5 787 990