Good day on digital modes

Yesterday after a morning coffee I checked the 80 meters for the last minutes of propagation to NA. Right after 7 o’clock (UTC) TG9ANF was logged on FT4, next KE8M from Ohio and some EU stations.
Next I was observing 20 meters and I managed to log some DX from UA9/UA0. Then I was playing on 30 meters and finally I checked 17 meters. The band was open. I was lucky to log NP3V, TR8CA and TT8SN on FT8. In the meantime I was also on 12 meters to work EA6VQ and I was called by FR4OO.

In the late afternoon I was back on 80 meters and then on the top band where I logged 9K2HN. At the end of the day I also worked J69DS on 60 meters. Besides the mentioned calls also many stations form EU, NA and some from SA… All on FT8 or FT4. What a day! And all QSOs made just between home and QRL duties.

In the evening some of the QSOs were already confirmed on the LoTW. TG9ANF was a new confirmed DXCC on 80m. TT8SN was a new one on 17m. The next morning 9K2HN confrimed at LoTW as a new one on the top band (somehow I misssed 9K earlier) and also TR8CA as a new one on digital modes on 17m.

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