QSLs Received

At the begining of December I checked my log for old QSOs which are not confirmed but which are needed for new band or mode slots. Finally I sent some directs via mail of via PayPal request (unfortunately surface post services are more and more expensive).

Right before Chrstmas I received QSL of LU6FFL (QSL via EA5GL) – the QSO from June 2003 on 80 meters. I worked LU on 80 meters many times in the meantime but… always during contesting, from contest stations. So I noticed I need LU on 80m. Now it is confirmed.

The next QSL is from Fedor UK9AA. I believe he is the most active station from Uzbekistan now. I worked him many times in the past and I already have QSL cards for previous QSOs. I needed new band confirmations on 160m and 60m. I also noticed I need SSB on 10m (no wonder – I have never been DXing on SSB for real).

The next thing is that I worked Suddan on 80 (ST2A) and 40 (ST0RM) meters but QSOs are not confirmed. PayPal requests were sent to QSL Manager – E73Y. SO now I am happy to have Sundan confirmed on 80 and 40. QSOs were made under my contest call SN5M (I used it some years ago).

Finally… I found in my log that I need QSLs from HK on 12 meters and A7 on 17 meters (hard to believe).I found HK7AAG and A71BO in my log, both confirming via EA5GL. I have sent PayPal request for the mentioned QSOs as well as for 4K6MAR as I needed this DXCC as a new one on 17m on digital modes. Now all that QSOs are confirmed – thanks to Pedro EA5GL for his perfect QSL service.

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