4U1UN Worked and Confirmed. Finally

I was looking for 4U1UN for a long time. I even worked 4U1UN but from my club station.

I saw spots many times but I was not able to hear the signals on my vertical antennas.

Finally last Sunday (June 7, 2020) I heard 4U1UN in the local morning on 40 meters on CW. It took 15 minutes to break pile-up’s. Uff… New entity worked.

What more… Yesterday I updated my log (DX Keeper) with the LoTW confirmations and my 4U1UN QSO is now confirmed. Really great… It is my 321st confirmed DXCC entity in MIXED (308th on CW) – the numbers exclude deleted countries.


It was possible to participate the CQ WW WPX CW Contest this year. Of course again from the contest station SO4M. And again in the Single Operator 20m High Power Assisted.

The propagation was a little disturbed the second night (K Index raised to 3) so there were not too much stations from North America. No good runs. Fortunately the first and the last night were really good (K Index = 1).

I was trying to beat my WPX CW record from 2015 (All Time Polish Record). This year I even made more QSOs than in 2015 but the final score is not as high. Here is the comparision of the claimed number of QSOs by continents:

20151 076449941830632
2020814601 2391332735

Please note the number of QSOs from NA and EU. It makes the difference in the final score (DX QSOs give more points).

YearQSOsQSO PointsPrefixesFinal score
20152 4735 2381 1055 787 990
20202 4914 8691 0855 282 865

I wrote a story (in Polish) about my WPX CW participation. It is published at the WWW site of the club station HF5L (my friends): https://hf5l.pl/starty-ze-stacji-so4m/