Last year I operated the IARU HF on my own as SO4M. This time again I was part of the SN0HQ Team. The SN0HQ is the HQ station of the Polish Amateur Radio Union (PZK).

We were supporting the SN0HQ operation on 20 meters on CW from the QTH of SP4MPG/SO4M. The operators were: Mirek SP4MPG, Jacek SP5OXJ and Tomek SP5UAF.

It was a great time – propagation was fine. It was possible to work many stations and we also had time to talk about HAM radio and about plans for the future at the contest station SO4M.

Sunday, about 00:31 UTC. Both antennas turned to North America
Sunday morning. The upper antenna turned to about 330 degrees. Possibly to work West Coast or perhaps a KH6 or KL7 station…
Our Team (L-R): SP5UAF, SP5OXJ, SP4MPG

Yes, Yes… High Bands

It is great to hear that 10 meters or 12 meters bands are opened almost 24 hours a day. Great to work so many stations from almost all directions.

On June 16, near local midnight I was able to work Japanese stations. I logged JH8XVH, JE3GRQ and JH0INP (between 22:27 and 22:43 UTC). Right the next night and again near 22 UTC I could hear stations from the U.S.A. I was not able to work them – it was the end of the propagation, I sat at the radio too late. However on June 29 I was able to work K5XI on 12 meters (this time at 12:18 UTC).

Of course there are always many stations fro EU or AS. Great pleasure to hear all bands. A friend of mine, Jacek SP5OXJ, told me that one day in June, during one clock hour he made a QSO on each one band from 6m to 160m.

So if you read this post I hope to meet you on bands soon.