Yes, Yes… High Bands

It is great to hear that 10 meters or 12 meters bands are opened almost 24 hours a day. Great to work so many stations from almost all directions.

On June 16, near local midnight I was able to work Japanese stations. I logged JH8XVH, JE3GRQ and JH0INP (between 22:27 and 22:43 UTC). Right the next night and again near 22 UTC I could hear stations from the U.S.A. I was not able to work them – it was the end of the propagation, I sat at the radio too late. However on June 29 I was able to work K5XI on 12 meters (this time at 12:18 UTC).

Of course there are always many stations fro EU or AS. Great pleasure to hear all bands. A friend of mine, Jacek SP5OXJ, told me that one day in June, during one clock hour he made a QSO on each one band from 6m to 160m.

So if you read this post I hope to meet you on bands soon.

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