About SP5UAF

My name is Tom and my callsign is SP5UAF. My station is located in Sulejówek – small town located about 20 kilometers east from Warsaw. My family comes from the Podlasie (eastern region of Poland) and my parents moved to Sulejówek in sixties.

The hobby of my life is amateur radio. If only possible I spend my spare time at my transceiver, looking for new contacts. Thanks to this great hobby I met many great people. HAM Radio influenced my life in many aspects…

I started my HAM Radio adventure in the Scouts Radio Club SP5ZCC. We made lots of great things as SP5ZCC Team. We’ve built a very nice station (with monoband Yagi and plenty of wire antennas) and we have many achievements. The station was located in the buiding of the secondary school – big and flat roof and also only small buildings around.

Unfortunately the administrator of the school where the club was located one time told us that HAM radio station is not welcome in the school anymore. We had to remove all the antennas from the roof and leave the school. The club station still exists but we have no good QTH now and we are active mostly portable (for example from souts camps).

But first of all we’ve built a team of real friends in our club. We share not only the same hobby but also our joys and sorrows, we organize family meetings etc. I am proud to be a member of this group and I hope I always be one of SP5ZCC members.

I am active on bands almost every day. I love DXing and contesting but I pay the same attention to all contacts. From my home station I am active mostly on CW and digital modes (PSK, RTTY, JT65, JT9, FT4, FT8 etc). I’ve worked 325 DXCC entities (confirmed by QSL cards) so far. I am an LoTW user and I used to upload my logs daily. From time to time I also upload my logs to eQSL. I am a member of the Club Team SP5ZCC/SN5Z, SO4M Contest Team, SP DX Club, AGCW-DL, 9A-CW-Club, European PSK Club, Team SN0HQ, European DX Foundation (Life Member) and many digital clubs (EPC, CDG, DMC, NDG, FT8DMC, 30MDG).

Having rather modest station sometimes I visit big-gun stations of my friends for contesting, to mention SP4MPG, SP7GIQ or SP7SP. For the same reason sometimes I organize contest expeditions to other countries (LX, GU). Last years I make serious contest efforts from SO4M. I am a member of the Team SO4M – a contest team of the SP4POB club station (hosted and maintained by Mirek SP4MPG).

At home I am using FT-1000MP or FT-990. There is not too much place for big antennas in my QTH. I am using a Butternut HF9V and homemade vertical for 160/80/60/40m as well as wire antennas. I use the DX Lab Suite for everyday logging and DX chasing. It is a great package of HAM Radio tools. It has just everything you need. For contesting I use N1MM or Win-Test. For digital modes I also use MixW or WSJT-X by K1JT and sometimes other software. I also use other HAM software tools – there are plenty of them. Many tools are available completely free – I would like to say “THANK YOU” to all software developers who make they work available free for the HAM community.

I am also a QSL manager for DX activities of my friend Mirek SP5IXI/VK6DXI (7X0DX, 9M8DX, 9M8DX/2, TF/SP5IXI, Z21DXI etc.).